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ALIST Can Handle All Your Production & Video Needs


A List Productions is an event production company that focuses on event coverage, video production and entertainment news. From celebrity fundraisers to launch parties our goal is to capture your event and bring a bit of Hollywood flair.

Event Coverage

Often event organizers are so focused on the details of creating their event that once it's done they've missed all the magic and fun moments. Don't let this happen to you this year. Let the A List crew take care of capturing your event. Wheither your looking for videographer, a photographer or both. Let us literally roll out the red carpet for your guest and capture the entire event. Guest will be able to view and download highlight photos from a custom photo gallery created just for you.

Photography Crew

Our professional photography crew are skilled in capturing the highlights of you event from the aumbience to high energy of your guest. Our goal is to create imagery that effectively communicates, emotion, energy & the sprit and essence of your event. We are equipped to meet almost any budget from for a small private event with a single camera up to full blown event that would include our full staff: Project manager, coordinate, multiple host to do interviews and redcarpet, multiple photographers and videographers.

Event Production

With over a decade of video production the A List understands the value in capturing every aspect of every event we cover. Not only will your team enjoy watching the fruits of their labor, Your coporate sponsors and partners will appreciate having a marketing tool for future events.

Our process is very simple: 

First we will co create the scripting for the interviews. Next we will create a target list, to ensure we interview and capture the highlights that are most imporant to your company or organziation. After that weo dive into what we do best filming and editing. Upon completion our clients will receive a 2-3 min. sizzle real.